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Truck Drivers Urged to Follow Bridge Height Limits

‚ÄčTruck drivers are urged to follow standard height limits, following the Hay Street bridge on Mitchell Freeway being struck again by an over-height load.

Drivers must be Responsible for Ensuring their Loads are the Legal Height

The driver and company involved in an incident last Friday, in which a truck carrying a transportable wheat silo, had been identified, and we will be pursuing them for costs.

Freeway height limits in WA is 4.3 metres. While the standard height of bridges on the network is 5.4 metres, this section on Mitchell Freeway southbound, built-in 1968 to then Australian Standards, is 4.6 metres high.

Preliminary works have begun to increase the bridge height. Read more on the Hay Street Bridge project page.

Heavy Vehicle Services

For further information on transport, height limits call Heavy Vehicle Services on 138 486.

Modified: 07 Apr 2020