Multi-Combination (MC) D.O.T  Requirements

TLIC4006 Drive Multi Combination Vehicle

Must have held:

•  WA Drivers’ Licence for at least 3 years


•  HR or HC licence for at least a year

There are Three Types of MC Licences:


This allows you to drive automatic MC only


This allows you to drive vehicles with synchromesh gearboxes or automatic gearboxes only (single clutch).


This allows you to drive any type of MC vehicle (double clutch).

Plus we have an automatic truck if you prefer.

MC Licence Allows You to Drive a Motor Vehicle Towing Two or More Heavy Trailers.

All MC Assessments are conducted with our approved assessors on-site at Midvale.

If you hold an interstate or international licence, please contact the Dept of Transport to obtain either a Learners’ Permit or transfer your interstate licence to a WA licence.

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